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Immediate Theatre Project tells stories that illuminate our experience of living here and now, reflecting the world around us and the depths within us. We believe in paying artists fairly for both moral and practical reasons. We strive to awaken in artists and audiences alike the possibility of sharing a simple and profound experience in real time.

In short, we are challenged to find the immediate in every play we produce in the theatre. How do we do that? Well, it’s always a work in process — a project.

But we do have a few guides:

In general, we find that that immediacy is most powerful when the words of the playwright are allowed to carry the story forward, rather than overwhelming the play with spectacle.

We believe that highly dedicated, creative work is encouraged by hiring artists who have a significant breadth of experience and training, and by paying them fairly.

We find inspiration from many people, places, and productions, and are eager to collaborate with artists and companies in different fields, cities, and situations to encourage deep creativity and lasting artistic development of theatre artists here in Asheville and beyond.

Through professional productions, public readings, and other forms of engagement with our audience, we bring new life to American classics, expose our audiences to the best of contemporary drama, and develop new work with an eye to the future.

About Our Relationship with NC Stage

ITP has always had a special relationship with North Carolina Stage Company, Asheville's only professional Equity theatre. Co-founder Willie Repoley was in their inaugural production in 2002, and our first production kicked off their Catalyst Series in 2004. We continued to produce in the Catalyst Series until 2008, when NC Stage asked us to be their official Partner Company In Residence. In short, this means that one MainStage production at NC Stage each year is produced by ITP. They provide the infrastructure, and we provide the creative content. This progressive relationship between our companies allows ITP and NC Stage to each focus on what we do best, while partnering to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. We are honored to be a part of their team!