Live From WVL Radio Theatre:
It’s A Wonderful Life

Over the years, audiences from Chicago to Miami have come to know and love ITP’s annual performance of Live From WVL Radio Theatre: It’s A Wonderful Life. This fresh new adaptation of the film is set in the fictional studio of WVL Radio Theatre, which is struggling to stay on the air one snowy winter’s night. The professional voice actors are unable to get to the studio, but the show must go on—and so a small but intrepid band of employees manages to create the story’s dozens of characters and scenes using just their voices and some everyday household items for sound effects.

Video shot at The Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, Asheville, NC

Fall/winter 2019

Asheville, NC — November 29

TBA — November 30

Arlington Heights, IL — December 3

Rochester, NY — December 7

Clayton, NY — December 10

Avanel, NJ — December 12 - 15

Whitewater, WI — December 18

Elgin, IL — December 21

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Familiar and new all at the same time.
This show is not to be missed!

— MountainXpress

"It's a Wonderful Life: Live from WVL Radio Theatre" forces you to acknowledge that sometimes, even your favorite films deserve a fresh approach. What this production does is wisely translate "fresh" to mean "nostalgic." … Their take on the personal journey of George Bailey honors what you love about the story while encouraging your imagination to take a starring role....every movie fan in the audience got the complete sense of the film they've grown up watching.

I recommend you close your eyes during a few moments of the show. It's a wonderful way to hear the whole production come together and hear it as if you were gathered around the radio in the privacy and comfort of your own living room....and boy was it fun to see.

If you're like me, your wish to indulge in the nostalgia of days gone by will easily be met during the charming and festive production of "It's a Wonderful Life." You'll feel as if the Ghost of Christmas past himself paid you a visit this holiday season – not to your own past, but to a time you may have never even known.

— On Milwaukee