Live From WVL Radio Theatre:
Our newest touring production!

Video shot at The Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, Asheville, NC

The intrepid actors of WVL Radio Theatre are back, this time with a series of classic American horror stories, including one by Edgar Allen Poe, a creative retelling of the Lizzie Borden axe murders, and of course a re-imagining of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Four actors, live sounds effects, and original music transport you back to 1946 when the imagination created horrors far more vivid than any that might actually be lurking in your living room… or your radio station!

Fall 2019

Batavia, IL — October 19

Asheville, NC — October 23

Toccoa, GA — October 24

Greensboro, GA — October 25

Springfield, GA — October 26

Marietta, GA — October 31

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Immediate Theatre Project may have an unforeseen hit on its hands…a keen sense for vintage style…synchronized breaths chillingly echo through the microphones…This production is marvelous and maturely executed.
Don’t miss it as it appears like an apparition, then vanishes as quickly as it came.

—Mountain Xpress